Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Tampa "Identity DuJour " Devil Rays.

Rays Pleased with New Look.
Players and coaches alike praise updated color scheme.

This blog has a lot of personal interest for Gameplan Creative. Heck, their new TB hat design was originally by our firm back in March of 2003! Look for a case study soon on our updated web site. If you ever want to see the work-ups we developed, I'd be glad to send you a link to the work. Some pretty cool stuff.

But onto a bigger question?

Do the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Tampa Bay Rays, Florida Rays or whatever their latest name have any brand value as a professional sports franchise?

Well, not yet. But that's not a bad thing if your the DuJour Rays.

Fundamentally changing your identity ever three or four years would seem to be an expensive,
inconsistent and consumer confusing process in any business. I mean changing the Coke logo or the Apple mark over and over and over would destroy a corporate organization's brand recognition and trust.

However, in the case of the Devil Rays, a team only entering its' 11th year of existence, you have little to no down side to change because you do not have any established identity, players nor traditions (except for change) to speak of and thus continually changing your outfit brings new opportunities to someday "get it right".

Teams like the San Diego Padres, Houston Astros, Toronto Blue Jays and now the D-Rays have made numerous changes to their original identities. Collectively, you have One World Series Championship to speak of in 120 some years of on-field competition. So there's really no turning the teams back on great teams or winning traditions.

So have fun Tampa, and change like the wind. What's the downside afterall? A losing season?


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