Thursday, June 29, 2006

The 2016 Chicago Summer Olympics

Just Say YES to Chicago Hosting the '16 Summer Olympics.

The perfect American city to host the 2016 Summer Olympics is Chicago.


Well why not. Chicago is very good at a bringing a large amount of out-of-towners to it hospitable US midwest location. McCormick Place is an enormous convention hub and brings in millions of visitors and dollars to the city every year. The city has some of the most beautiful hotels, views and food in the world. Heck, it's just the best city in the United States, period.

Let me run off just some of Chicago's enormous benefits over US competitors San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Chicago has:

-A convenient lakefront proximity.
-A friendly citizentry of diversified ethnicity.
-A tight center city hub to keep housing issues manageable.
-Facilities geographically compressed to lesson commuting.
-An architecturally beautiful backdrop for television.
-A sophisticated sports populace.
-Newly built sports complexes for basketball and soccer.
-A flat terrain for track and field, cycling and other speed events.

Having lived in Chicago myself for over 30 years I can attest the Chicago would get "up" for such as global event and bring much pride and excitement to this unique and prestigious event.

I can't wait to get started. Let the Style Guide development games begin!

Go Get Them Windy City!


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sports Branding Vintage Perfection

Moonlight Graham. Where Everyday is Throwback the Clock Day.

I attended the opening of the new Moonlight Graham Apparel boutique style store on 854 W. Armitage Avenue in the trendy Linclon Park neighborhood of Chicago this evening.

Moonlight Graham website:

I have to give my full recommendation for anyone interested in sports branding (or not) to visit the new Store when they are in Chicago. Vintage nirvana is the best way I can describe the expereince. A true eclectic mixture of great clothes, great images and a fun ambiance to shop in. The ultimate "impulse" purchase shopper's paradise.

Bart Silberman, President and Todd Radom, the Design Consultant of Moonlight Graham have done an amazing job combining Todd's amazing talent and eye for retro stylings with Bart's outstanding feel for sports apparel and fabrication. This one-two punch is highly evident at the new retail space. The clothing selection, the attention to iconographic reverence and the general high end quality of the merchandise (even if it's just a little pricey) is just outstanding.

The connection to sports branding is very clear. With classic silhouettes from the 60' and 70's combined them with sports graphics, team logos and slogans, and mixed them together with frayed lettering, multi-layered appliques, heavy washes and lots of sanding and grinding...and Moonlight Graham has nailed a unique market for sports and non-sports consumers.

Great job Bart, Todd, Dan and the crew at Moonlight Graham-
(and save the gorgeous XL Cubs tracksuit top for me...)

From Anonymous.

I have been shopping at Moonlight Graham for the last two years, but have only been able to do so online. I am so excited about this new store in Chicago. Finally they have expanded from the West Coast to the Midwest. I recently got a chance to go to the new location and I love the decor, it goes very well with their products. Please, if you get a chance stop by. I guarantee you will walk out of there with a hat or a tee shirt that you will not find anywhere else.B.R.I.


Friday, June 02, 2006

As Good As It Gets. Thanks Bill

I have only high praise and a higher recommendation for anyone who LOVES the study of baseball uniforms and its history since 1972 to buy Bill Hendersons' CD-ROM's An Illustrated Guide to MLB Jersey Styles and Lettering: The Double Knit Era Collectors' Reference (1972-2005) 3rd Edition.