Monday, February 12, 2007

Pirates Fans Seeing Red.

When did the Pirates become a red team?

Here's the low-down from the Pirates Vice President and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, Tim Schuldt:

"Staying true to the Pirate brand is important to us," Tim Schuldt, the Pirates' vice president and chief marketing and sales officer, told the gathering of die-hard Pirate fans. "Black, gold and (red?) are our colors. This is consistent with our color scheme and it fits with the team: youthful, exciting and improving."

Branding a sports team is not about just about sales. It's about the intrinsic connection and civic obligation you inherit when working with a team. Teams with a long heritage like the Pirates should not be easily swayed by adding alternate jerseys/caps without understanding the emotional connection fans make to their colors.

Sadly, the Pirates went for the look away from their history and now their fans are seeing RED.

If I were the Pirates I'd retire the red after one season and stay true to the yellow and black.

E-5 if you're scoring at home Bucco's.


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